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When it’s time to make your computer system a full partner in managing your firm—

Managing Partner is the right Practice Management Software for Lawyers and other Service Professionals.

      Managing Partner stores the data critical to the daily operation of a professional firm within a single comprehensive management application. The organizational structure of Managing Partner is designed to adequately and efficiently describe the complexities of the world our firms operate in. This design avoids complexity not necessary to accomplish required data management, yet provides adequate and accessible power when needed.

      To provide structure and organization to the broad scope of Managing Partner, related features and functions are organized into intuitive groupings. Managing Partner Relational ChartThese groupings are integral parts of Managing Partner, and are referred to as Main Feature Sets. These are not separate components or modules, but are logical distinctions within the single application that is Managing Partner. The organization of the data stored in Managing Partner may be conceptualized as a seamless web of logical interrelationships linking related data. This illustration is a simplified iconic representation of this web of interrelationships. This organizational structure allows users to move freely between the many different types of information stored within Managing Partner.

      If you would like to learn more about Managing Partner, the Managing Partner Brochure lists features, system requirements, and licensing information. The Managing Partner Short Reference offers much more detailed information and numerous screen images. Demonstration Licenses are also available so that Managing Partner can be fully evaluated prior to ordering a full license.

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