Managing Partner

Version 9

License Fees and Payment Options

     The license fees for Managing Partner are based upon the number of users. A user is most typically a person who is identified in Managing Partner by that person’s name. Only one person may use Managing Partner at a time for each user licensed.

     Licensees may elect to pay license fees at one time, or in quarterly installments. Three installment license options are offered that dramatically lower the threshold cost of our software. License fees may be paid in 4, 8, or 12 quarterly installments. Since the license fees are paid in advance of each 3 month installment period, the time between the first and last payments is 9, 21, and 33 months, respectively. The table below details the payment options.

Single Payment and Quarterly Installment Payment Options
One Time
License Fee
4 Quarterly
(8% IRR)
8 Quarterly
(9% IRR)
12 Quarterly
(10% IRR)
Single User: $2,250.00 $579.32 $303.63 $214.00
Second User: $1,350.00 $347.59 $182.18 $128.40
Additional Users: $900.00 $231.73 $121.45 $85.60

     Licensees electing one of the installment payment options are issued installment licenses that expire at the end of the three month period covered by the payment made. When the last installment payment is made a permanent license is issued that does not expire.

     Since the incremental costs of an installment license are modest, Managing Partner can easily pay for itself through increased efficiencies and decreased expenses long before the installment license fees become due. Our standard 60 day satisfaction guarantee allows licensees to judge this for themselves.

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