Managing Director is a comprehensive and secure client-server based multi-user business management system. It is well suited to professional practices, agencies, and other service sector businesses. It focuses on the automation of core management functions that when performed manually occupy a disproportionate amount of time which could otherwise be spent performing services.

        Managing Director integrates the management of all types of case, project, or customer files with the management of all associated persons; provides time and task management by integrating reminders, work assignments, appointments, and the allocation of shared resources; integrates the management and retrieval of document files created by other software applications with the management of case files and the flow of work within a firm; performs business and cash-basis tax accounting, including printing laser checks and generating self-configuring income statements; records time spent rendering services and manages client billing; and directly enhances current work by centrally storing, retrieving and assembling reusable work product.

        Managing Director fully exploits the OS X interface. Pop-up menus dynamically linked to previously entered data, command buttons that appear on screen or transform to enable only appropriate functions, intelligently computed defaults that can be edited or replaced, and rigorous data validations both during and after entry, help ensure accurate, efficient, and consistent entries without the need to remember obscure codes or commands, and with a minimum of typing. Built in intelligence constantly watches as users work, alerting them to errors, and offering coherent and appropriate explanations that often suggest corrective action.

        Managing Director is a single software application with features organized into logical feature sets accessed through a hierarchy of alternative menu bars. It is suitable for both single and multiple user installations, and provides access security based upon a multi-tiered user hierarchy with password protection. When used in a multi-user installation, it utilizes a true client-server architecture that does not rely upon shared access to data files stored on a network file server.

Main Feature Sets

Case, Project and Customer File Management

Person Management

Task and Calendar Management

Document Management

Document Drafting

Time and Billing {Version 10}

Business Accounting

Business Financial Reporting

Special Features

  • Exploits the OS X User Interface Fully
  • Validates Data Automatically During and After Entry
  • Provides Active Assistance During Use Alerting Users to Errors and Offering Appropriate Explanations
  • Opens Entry Views Displaying Individual Records when Records on List Views are Double-clicked
  • Displays Multiple Views of Data Simultaneously
  • Updates All Views Immediately if Data is Changed
  • Utilizes Independent Entry and Display Formats
  • Avoids Cryptic Codes and Complex Procedures
  • Computes Defaults Intelligently and Automatically
  • Allows Customizing of Defaults and Pop-up Menus
  • Includes Flexible and Powerful Search Queries for Information Retrieval and Interactive Data Analysis
  • Utilizes Standard Entry and List Views as Reports Permitting Convenient Analysis of All Stored Data
  • Stores up to 32,500 Characters in Comment Fields
  • Offers Multiple Levels of Password Protection
  • Controls Access Using a Multi-Tiered User Hierarchy
  • Supports Both Single and Multiple User Installations
  • Utilizes a True Client-Server Multi-User Architecture
  • Requires No Additional Networking Software
  • Employs Multithreading for More Efficient Processing

System Requirements

        A Macintosh® computer with an Intel® processor running of OS X version 10.5 or higher. A full page or larger monitor is recommended.

        Managing Director runs on the Helix® family of products published by QSA ToolWorks, L.L.C.. The Helix Engine used to run Managing Director in single user mode is included with Managing Director. The Helix Client and Helix Server applications are required to run Managing Director in multiple user mode. Licenses for these Helix applications are available with the payment of additional fees based upon the number of Helix Client workstations.


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